Street Art Project Street Art Project

Vibrant public art as a catalyst for change.

Withington Walls is a community street art project that aims to reinvigorate the area by commissioning and delivering quality street art to the shutters and walls in the village.

The project is run by volunteers and is funded by public donations and business support. All donations to the project are gratefully received.

These Walls: The Marcus Rashford Mural by Akse

Withington Walls Group Show 2021

Make yourself at home

Director: George Cooke

Producer: Henry Bolden

AP: Simone Ziel

Editor: Joe Cotton

DOP: Liam Lee Woods

The Coffee House Cafe: Moorfield Street

The people say...

“Loving the art in Withy at the moment.”

“Brightened my morning opening these shutters.”

“Love this positive project for Withy.”

Copyright 2021 // Withington Walls

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